The Restaurant

Intimate celebrations are made even more exquisite as Asia Pacific’s most interactive dining destination presents Spiral at Home, a specially-curated menu of Spiral’s signature dishes from across its prestigious 21 dining ateliers. S ...


The indoor trendy lounge that opens to an outdoor terrace with four gazebos leading to the iconic lagoon shape poolside the hotel is famous for. One could literally watch the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky from the ceiling in the comfort of a ...


Running down the 21 ways Spiral diners will be dazzled, as one goes from salad and appetizer to l’écailler, sushi and sashimi, l’épicerie, hot Japanese, French stove, rotisserie, wood fired oven, churrasco, North Indian, Asi ...


Bring home the Spiral experience!  Homemade cakes and pralines straight from the chocolaterie. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, macaroons, our signature olive bread, strawberry jam and premium marzipans from Germany will also be a delight t ...


About Spiral

Give your palates a taste of the world and let your imaginations run wild as sumptuous international dishes are served in a first-class interactive dining setting that is uniquely Spiral.

With its 21 dining ateliers, this iconic restaurant offers an enticing journey of taste one simply cannot resist. By embodying its core values of authenticity, simplicity, tradition, innovation, connectivity and personalized service, Spiral has become the epitome of superior dining.

Embark on your own journey of taste. Experience the world at the tip of your tongue. Stir your senses and have a magnifique time at Spiral!